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Off-Road Trailer Buyer’s Guide

Off Road Trailer buyers guide

This Off-Road Trailer Buyers Guide (2nd Edition) is intended as a resource for anyone interested in purchasing an off-road, overlanding focused trailer in the USA.

 All information is accurate as of Spring 2016, but of course prices, designs, and options can vary at any time.

This information comes directly from the trailer manufacturers and is not the result of  TAP’s personal testing or opinion.

Our intention is to keep this guide as up to date as possible throughout the year. The following is a downloadable spreadsheet with all specs on the trailers as written up in this guide.

Click on red text below. This sheet will not come up on your screen. It will download for you to view and print.

Off-Road Trailer Buyer’s Guide Specs

The styles of the off-road trailers covered in this article are:
(1) Teardrop.
(2) “Internal Living Space” trailers.
(3) Fully spec’d Box Frame/Expo.
(4) M416 Utility.
(5) Flatbed Toy Hauler.

 Terrain capability of each off-road trailer is rated:
(a) Easy: graded fire roads where 4High is only used on occasions.
(b) Moderate: rough terrain where 4Low and high clearance is needed.
(c) Difficult: 4Low, lockers, high clearance required with careful wheel placement and spotters.  Potential for trailer and rig damage.

Turtleback Trailers

turtleback-logo the adventure portal
Weekender Apache Lake-3Expedition Inspired – The Turtleback Trailer is a purpose built camping off-road trailer that is hand crafted in the USA. These units are CAD designed,3 axis Laser cut chassis, CNC cut and formed for all other parts to be tough, light and simply functional while being built to exacting specifications. Purpose built means that all of the amenities are integrated into the unit rather than it being a tub to carry equipment, thus making set up and break down of camp a breeze along with capturing the most efficient use of space. We are proud to announce our new Weekender Trailer. With its all aluminum chassis and smaller frame it’s the perfect trailer to use with smaller SUVs. This trailer is going to change camping and expeditions for families all around the USA.  Turtleback Trailers are available in numerous colors and many options like: upgraded electrical systems with solar systems and 110v power inverters, many awning and tent configurations, camp table storage, tailgate systems, boat racks and tire sizes up to 37”.  www.turtlebacktrailers.com

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
Expedition Box Frame/Expo  $17,495.00 1,600 Yes Yes Yes Difficult
Weekender  Box Frame/Expo $19,995.00 1150 Yes  Yes  Yes  Moderate

SoCal Teardrops

SoCal teardrop trailer logo
SoCalTeardrops the adventure portal SoCal Teardrops are built for off-highway adventures.  Their powder coated frame is made of 2” x 3”,.120 wall, new steel, tubing. Equipped with heavy duty, Old Man Emu leaf springs, a 3500 lb. Dexter axle, 10″ electric brakes, and 9- way adjustable, Rancho RS9000XL shocks. The tongue can accommodate a front storage box, expanded metal cage with locking lid, and the hubs are spec’d to match your vehicle’s wheels and tires. The cabins are built with a reinforced, Baltic Birch, rib system to combat extra forces when traveling off-road. Without adding any options, you only need to provide some bedding, a cooler, and you are ready to embark on any adventure. The full size, 4″ thick, HDF mattress provides plenty of sleeping space for two adults, and the cabins are outfitted with an AM/FM/CD unit, cabin light, 12v outlet, cubbies, shelves and cup holders. The galley comes standard with  a 2 burner, Partner Steel, propane stove mounted in a sliding drawer with nested utensil drawer. The 12v system is powered by a group 24, deep cycle battery, an on-board, 3 stage, marine charger/tender with external shore power for keeping the battery healthy when in storage. Though the standard configuration can support almost any trek, we offer over 50 options, which can be selected to satisfy a new owner’s individual needs and concerns.  www.socalteardrops.com.

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
 Buzz off  Teardrop $9,535.00 1000lbs no yes yes Difficult
 Krawler 459 Teardrop $16,195.00 1250lbs  yes  yes yes Moderate
 Krawler 4510 Teardrop $16,695.00  1300lbs  yes  yes yes Moderate
XS510 Teardrop $17,275.00 1400lbs yes yes  yes Moderate
 XS511 Teardrop $18,275.00  1425lbs  yes yes  yes Moderate

Bivouac Camping Trailers

logo-bct TAP


Bivouac/biv.ou.ac/ – a temporary campsite, such as those used in scouting and mountain climbing, used especially by soldiers or mountaineers. Bivouac Camping Trailers has been operating in Phoenix, Arizona since June 2008. Our company was founded on the basis of providing high quality, unique, expedition trailers/toy haulers for the outdoor enthusiast. We are a small company consisting of family and friends who have come together to fulfill a dream. Our unique design was created in an effort to fill a niche that has been previously ignored. We are looking to create an environmentally, go anywhere, friendly option for people who are in love with the great outdoors. Along the way, we have aligned ourselves with companies that have allowed us to manufacture the best off-road camping trailers possible. Among them is our main partner, Tepui Tents from Santa Cruz, California (www.tepuitents.com). When our two companies first crossed paths, we were both in our infancy but found an instant kinship in our companies philosophies, “Provide the highest quality product for the lowest possible price and back up every sale with the best customer service in the business”.  www.moabaz.com.

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
M.O.A.B Fort Box Frame/Expo $5,695.00 1250lbs-1675lbs No Yes Yes Difficult
M.O.A.B Fort Alpha Box Frame/Expo  $6,995.00 1250lbs-1675lbs  No  Yes Yes Difficult
M.O.A.B Fort Bravo Box Frame/Expo  $7,495.00 1250lbs-1675lbs  Yes  Yes  Yes Difficult
M.O.A.B Fort Charlie Box Frame/Expo  $9,995.00 1250lbs-1675lbs  Yes Yes Included Difficult
M.O.A.B Fort Delta Box Frame/Expo $12,495.00 1250lbs-1675lbs  Yes Yes Included  Difficult
 M.O.A.B Fort XL Box Frame/Expo  $6,195.00 1350lbs-1775lbs No Yes Yes Difficult
 M.O.A.B Fort XL Alpha Box Frame/Expo  $7,295.00 1350lbs-1775lbs No  Yes Yes  Difficult
 M.O.A.B Fort XL Bravo Box Frame/Expo  $8,295.00  1350lbs-1775lbs No Yes Included Difficult
 M.O.A.B Fort XL Charlie Box Frame/Expo  $10,995.00 1350lbs-1775lbs  Yes Yes Included  Difficult
 M.O.A.B Fort XL Delta Box Frame/Expo $13,495.00  1350lbs-1775lbs Yes Yes Included  Difficult
M.O.A.B Yak Toy Hauler  $4,995.00 1800lbs No Yes  Yes Difficult
M.O.A.B Outpost Box Frame/Expo not listed 1450-1875lbs No Yes Trailer Tent Moderate
M.O.A.B Outpost Bravo Box Frame/Expo $10,095.00 1450-1875lbs  No Yes Trailer Tent Moderate
M.O.A.B Outpost Charlie Box Frame/Expo $12,795.00 1450-1875lbs Yes Yes Trailer Tent Moderate
M.O.A.B Outpost Delta Box Frame/Expo $15,295.00 1450-1875lbs  Yes Yes Trailer Tent  Moderate
M.O.A.B Crawler M416 Utility not listed not listed No Yes Yes Difficult
 M.O.A.B Gobi Alpha Teardrop  $7,995.00  1890lbs No Yes Yes Moderate
 M.O.A.B Gobi Bravo Teardrop $9,995.00  1890lbs No Yes  Yes Moderate
 M.O.A.B Gobi Charlie Teardrop $13,995.00  1890lbs  Yes  Yes Yes Moderate
 M.O.A.B Gobi Delta Teardrop $15,995.00  1890lbs  Yes  Yes  Yes  Moderate

Colorado Teardrops

colorado teardrop logo


Rain, sleet, hail and lightning can ruin a Colorado camping trip. Instead of tent camping, enjoy the comfort and convenience of camping in a Teardrop Trailer. Teardrop Trailers are the perfect night sleep for a long cross country trip or quick Wednesday night “bug-out” camping night at the last minute. The Galley contains all your cooking and dining gear. With room for charcoal, fire wood and camp stove to cook, ice cooler, water, spices, french press, plates, etc… – your ready to take that adventure and eat well!

Our 2016 Canyonland Teardrop is badass. This rugged off-road trailer will get you off the beaten path in comfort. It will follow your 4×4 into the places you’ve always wanted to stay. With the optional Solar Power Package, you’re off grid and off road. You’ll run out of water before you run out “juice” unless you camp close to water, then you’ll run out of food, unless you you hunt or fish; then you’re set to stay out as long and as far away as you’d like!Based on our Queen size platform it, we offer a welded frame with a full skid plate, heavy duty axle and leaf springs suspension to support off-road BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 15″ tires. www.coloradoteardropcamper.com

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
2016 Canyonland Teardrop  $12,300.00  1,100 lbs  Yes Yes No Moderate
2016 Basecamp Teardrop  $10,300.00 858 lbs  Yes Yes No  Easy
2016 Mt. Massive Teardrop  $16,100.00  1430 lbs  Yes Yes No Moderate

INKA Outdoor

INKA Logo 72dpi2400

Inka Outdoor Venture OHV 72dpi2400

Inka Outdoor, LLC builds what some have called the “luxury yacht” of teardrop campers. The Venture OHV (TM) now takes the teardrop experience off-road and is ready for those overland adventures many only dream about. Our refined, modern teardrop camper features an engineered design and is built with high-tech materials combined with natural (and sustainable) wood for a warm finish and rugged body. No sheet plywood sides, everything is engineered for strength & weight, pressure laminated and fully insulated for the ultimate in comfort. The lightweight but tough Venture OHV chassis uses proven independent trailing-arm air suspension, is skid-plated for protection and runs on your choice of wheels & tires. We build each unit to order and offer a dizzying array of standard options as well as providing wish-fulfillment for those features that are only limited by practicality and budget. Generally weighing in at under 1,750lbs (800 kg) loaded, (depending on options) the Venture OHV is well matched to today’s lighter 4WD vehicles that typically have limited tow ratings, allowing you to keep your rig highway legal and safe. We currently offer sales and support in North Carolina & Utah and provide a full Limited Warranty. Please check us out out on Facebook and Instagram (@inkaoutdoor), visit our website at www.inkaoutdoor.com or give us a call!

Model Type Base Price weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT compatible Terrain Capability
 Venture OHV  Teardrop  $17,995.00  approx.1,500lbs                   Y yes N/A Difficult
 Brevard  Hustler  Teardrop  $12,495.00  approx.1,000lbs                   Y yes  N/A Easy to low moderate

SylvanSport off road trailer2014 SylvanSport Logo 1


A category creating recreational vehicle, the SylvanSport GO blends recreational fun with amazing utility capabilities. The Swiss Army Knife of camping-trailers, GO is capable of carrying up to a dozen boats, bikes, camping gear or any combination. The SylvanSport GO can carry motorcycles, ATVs and even function as a proficient utility trailer, capable of carrying up to 1000 lbs. on its deck. On road or off the beaten path, the GO has 13” of ground clearance, is fully Tig welded and designed for fun. All of this is accomplished in an ultra-lightweight (840 lbs.) aluminum package, capable of being towed by any small car (even a hybrid). www.sylvansport.com

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
 SylvansportGo Camper Trailer $8,495.00 840 lbs  N  Yes tent included easy

VMI Off Road Trailers

FullSizeRender_1vmi logo worfd excel

The World is out there, we can help you explore itVMI Off road is a small, All American company that takes great ideas and turns them into world-class products. It is our corporate mission to provide the highest quality equipment available for off – road enthusiasts by using cutting-edge techniques, space age materials and innovative ideas to raise the bar in the off – road industry.  We will always strive for peak performance in customer service, reliability and safety in our products. Whether you are wanting just to get away for the weekend or planning a trip around the world, VMI Offroad can set you up with package from our Xtender Explorer trailer to a fully custom expedition Summit Class vehicle conversion.  www.vmioffroad.

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
 Xtender Explorer M416 Utility  $6,995.00 540lbs No Yes  Yes Difficult
Xtender Craler Box Frame/Expo  $11,750.00 900lbs Yes Yes Yes Difficult
Xtender Ox Box Frame/Expo $21,995.00 1575lbs Yes Yes Yes Difficult
Xtender Canyon Internal Living  $25,495.00 1975lbs Yes Yes N/A Moderate
Xtender Alpine Internal Living  $35,950.00  3000lbs Yes Yes N/A Moderate
Ctender Commpass Internal Living  $64,995.00 4500lbs Yes Yes N/A Moderate

Schutt Industriesschutt logo TAP

Schutt 1 TAPXVENTURE IS A GAME CHANGERThe XVENTURE Off-Road Trailer from Schutt Industries is a revolutionary new vehicle engineered for the extreme, off-road, overlanding community. As the worlds leading American manufacturer of military trailer products, Schutt Industry sets the bar by which all others are judged with the new XVENTURE severe-duty trailer. XVENTURE is simply the finest product of its type ever to hit the consumer market. This is a no – compromise, must-have piece of equipment for the overland, off-road professional and enthusiast alike. Compare XVENTURE to anything else out there and we are certain you will agree, you just have to get one of these!  www.schuttindustries.com.

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
 Xventure xv -1A M416 Utility 11,995.00 1090lbs No Yes Yes Difficult

The Base Camp Trailersborderland-logo-long-orange

Base CampBorderLand Trailers are a product line that have been designed and manufactured by Mobilight International, Inc.  The team at Mobilight has been manufacturing portable, high intensity light towers since 1986.  Our solid history of innovation reaches from the first portable light tower developed by Mobilight in Australia in 1986, to freeway construction, high school football games, and on up to the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.  Mobilight has continued leading the way with the best in lighting technology.  In 2007 Mobilight was honored not only as Utah’s Small Business Exporter of the Year but also won the regional and then the national exporter of the year as well.  In 2012 Mobilight was awarded the Sustainability Award in Innovation by Utah Business Magazine.  The durable construction and high performance of the Mobilight tower has earned itself a place on mine sites and oil fields across the world.  But, we couldn’t stop there.  The team grabbed this idea of “BorderLand Trailers” and got to work.  Applying decades of experience in engineering and manufacturing into a product of outdoor living, camping, adventuring, a product of anticipation, readiness, and preparedness.  With pride we give you “BorderLand Trailers. borderlandtrailers.com   801-280-4280

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
The Outpost  Box Frame/Expo 2,300 lbs with all options and RTT optional Yes Yes moderate
The Outpost XT  Box Frame/Expo 2,400 lbs with all options and RTT optional Yes Yes moderate

 Kakadu Camping Trailers

KakaduLogo2K16lo (1)

If you love to tent camp away from the crowds, but are tired of sleeping on the ground and complicated setups, a BushRanger® camper trailer is the perfect unit for you.

Part heavy-duty trailer, part tent-trailer, the BushRanger starts with an all steel utility trailer with plenty of cargo space for all your camping gear. On top of the trailer base is a heavy-duty tent section, made with Satproof™ canvas, that includes a queen size main bed, and a self-supporting side-folding tent section that unfolds to reveal up to 250 square feet of living space. The trailer tent, TAP_trailer_guideincluding the awning, poles, mattress etc. stores on top of the trailer so the box of the trailer is all extra cargo space. Made from SatProof™ canvas and PVC flooring, the Camper Trailer tent is built for the harshest conditions, yet sets up in less than 10 minutes. You get an amazing amount of room, in a rugged, off road capable, yet lightweight package that makes camping in style more affordable and accessible than ever before.  Whether you have a Jeep, a smaller car, or a large SUV or truck, you’ll love that the BushRanger is lighter and easier to tow than most traditional RV’s, and can be stored easily in the average garage. Great for family camping trips, hunting or fishing trips, surfers, ATV and dirt bike lovers and much more! www.kakaducamping.com.

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
Bushranger 200 M416 Utility $4,895.00  1000lbs   No   Yes Trailer Tent Moderate
Bushranger XT M416 Utility $6,835.37  1100lbs  No  Yes Trailer Tent Difficult
Bushranger SE M416 Utility $9,995.00 1100lbs  No  Yes Trailer Tent Difficult

Ethos Off-Road


ethosEthos Off Road is a relatively new company in the sales of expedition style trailers. The owners are not however new to the off road and outdoor adventure scene. With over 60 years of combined experience in the outdoor, 4×4, hunting, fishing, camping and metal fabrication fields Ethos Off Road has set a goal to build the most durable and secure 4×4 overland trailer on the market. Ethos started fabricating overland trailers for their personal use due to a lack of options in the existing market. The ability to carry a family of 4 and all necessary gear for a week of hunting,fishing or camping made Ethos Off Road what it is today. Based outside of Austin, TX Ethos Off Road currently offers two products for sale with a wide variety of options to go with them. The Ethos Travois X-1 is based off a M416 army trailer in looks only. Each trailer is hand built one at a time for each individual customer. Custom options are almost limitless but the basic Travois X-1 comes standard with the industries only self lifting roof rack, 6′ x 4’6″ wide 14 gauge tub, 14 gauge lid, 4′ trailer tongue, 3500# Timbren suspension, Lock N Roll coupling, 75 qt. cooler rack, 20# propane cylinder mount, full length piano style hinge, BBQ- pit, American Lock for the lid and hub bolt pattern to match your tow vehicle. The Chassis of the trailer is 3/16 box steel and is fully welded with a full length 10′ tongue. Durability being the driving factor in production, the Ethos Travois X-1 still comes in at an empty weight of 1200 lbs with all options listed on the standard X-1. The Ethos base model trailer is built with the same quality but has a solid axle, 2″ ball coupler, and is the basic chassis with tub and lid only. The base color for the trailers is black but custom colors can be done to customer requests. These trailers are made to get your gear into places that most trailers can not go. If the tow vehicle can get there, the Ethos Off Road trailer can follow.  www.ethosoffroad.com

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
Travois M416 Camping $5,800.00 1000 lbs  N  Y Y Difficult
Travois X-1  M416 Camping $9,500.00 1,200 lbs N  Y Y Difficult

 Adventure TrailersAT VECTOR LOGO (1) copy 2

Adventure trailers / AT Overland is one of the few companies in north America offering Horizon and Chasera comprehensive overland fitment center, retailing and manufacturing, all under one roof. AT started out as a trailer manufacturer over ten years ago. At the urging of our customers, we diversified into working on outfitting vehicles and manufacturing accessories that were not available to the fledgling overland community in north America. If you are looking for a premium off – road trailer, consider one of our proven models. All our trailers are highly capable over technical terrain or on long haul washboard conditions. They all feature our proprietary independent trailing arm suspension with all chassis and body components precisely cut on a three-axis laser, primed with a zinc rich coating prior and powder coated. All of this high quality production is proudly performed locally in Prescott Arizona.  www.adventuretrailers.com.

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
 AT Teardrop Teardrop  $14,268.00 1283lbs No  Yes  Yes Moderate
Horion Box Frame/Expo  $11,054.00 1100lbs No  Yes  Yes Difficult
Chaser M416 Utility  $7,672.00 700lbs No  Yes  Yes Difficult
Kakadu Box Frame/Expo $9,185.00 700lbs No  Yes  Yes Moderate
AT Flatbed Flat Bed/Toy Hauler $7,245.00 500lbs No   Yes No Moderate

To Extreme Off  Road Trailers


TO Extreme






Rugged’N Ready 60” High Country and 72” Backwoods

To some, durability and capability mean trusting in one’s gear to perform in every condition 100% of the time and that compromise is not an option. TO Extreme Off-Road has spent countless hours developing and testing our rugged line of off-road utility trailers. With 30 plus years of manufacturing experience, the TO Extreme team has designed a no – nonsense, versatile trailer line that is affordable but doesn’t compromise on strength and reliability.  www.to-extreme.com.

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
 60″ Highcountry  M416 Utility $4,900.00 860lbs no yes yes  Difficult
 72″ Backwoods   M416 Utility  $5,900.00     1,020 lbs                  no yes yes  Difficult

 Lead Dog Trailers

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 1.17.18 PM 

Hiker / Dog House Trailers is a combined effort of 2 company’s. Hiker with its 12 + years of Teardrop Builds and Lead Dog Motorsports background of 20+ years of off-road racing and desert recreation combined together to build an entry level Off Road Adventure Trailer that is ready for your own customization. It is our goaloff-road1 to bring you an entry level adventure trailer that has ample room inside and out. The trailer comes in 4×8 as well as 5×8 with a front storage tray and tool box ready to add your personal touches too. Each trailer is equipped with soft ride, long leaf springs, hyd shocks, 33″ tires with steel wheels and four corner stabilizer jacks, and a rear receiver with D ring mounts! They also come with an oversized rear storage door and inside cabinetry as well as dual side doors and windows. It’s a simple design and you can create your own finishing touches, getting you ready for any adventure. Many other options are available.  Call us for quote and option pricing.  www.LeadDogMotorsports.com.

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
4×8 Off Road Doghouse Teardrop $7595.00 1250lbs No Yes Yes  Moderate
5×8 Off Road Doghouse Teardrop $8595.00 1450lbs No Yes Yes  Moderate

 TC Teardrops


TC TeardropsLife in a DropTCTeardrops began when we took our first camping trip in our very first home-built Teardrop and someone asked, “Where did you get that?” (Right after their first question, which was, “Can you sleep in that thing?”). So, we built a few more Teardrops by request, and those people became our friends, and they showed their friends, who also asked those same questions (in the same order)…and the rest is history!  To date, with every sale that we make, we always feel that we not only gain new customers, we have found new friends.  The Off-Road Extreme (ORE) TCTeardrop is specifically designed for overlanding. In addition to the standard TCTeardrop features, the ORE package includes many extras such as a Lock N Roll articulating hitch, 3500 lb Torsion Axle, 10” Electric Brakes, extra hitch points, custom tires and wheels…all in one convenient, eye-catching package that can haul your gear and your toys, too! Add your choice of accessories and you can camp off grid anywhere your tow vehicle can take you. There are no dealers, TCTeardrops sells factory direct to the customer, saving you money while working closely with you to build a customized Teardrop camper that will follow behind you like it’s on rails.  We know that word of mouth is the best form of advertising, and our customers make a great sales staff! We appreciate any and all feedback that we receive about our business.  www.tcteardrops.com.

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
4×8 (inc off road package)  Teardrop $6,700.00  750lbs  No Yes Yes Moderate
 5×8(inc off road package) Teardrop $7,500.00  850lbs  No Yes Yes Moderate
 5×9(inc off road package) Teardrop $8,200.00  950lbs   No Yes Yes Moderate
 5×10(inc off road package) Teardrop $8,900.00  1,100lbs   No Yes Yes Moderate

 Tentrax Trailers



Our Off – Road Trailers are extremely easy to use. The tent and bed set up time is less than 5 minutes,toyota-TRD-trailer allowing you to establish or break down camp expeditiously.  Imagine being able to set up your warm, dry, and safe tent and bed in just minutes! These Terrain Rated® tent trailers allow you the freedom to go anywhere, anytime, to enjoy the great outdoors. Equally impressive is how well they fit the lifestyle of so many wanting to haul all types of gear including bicycles and kayaks.   The standard Boulevard camper can be upgraded to a fully functional off – road camping trailer.   Lightweight design, weather resistance, with large cargo capacity and more.  We also feature off – road trailers for backcountry adventure.  Oftentimes, these off road trailers are called back country trailers, off -road camping trailers, Jeep trailers, ATV adventure trailers, and off- road cargo trailers.    They too are a lightweight travel trailer with a pop-up feature that can withstand the brutality of off- road camping trails and rugged abuse. These trailers can be custom built to match most vehicles on the road today including color, tires, and wheel size.  www.tentrax.com.

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
 Off Road AT M416 Utility $3,692.00  600lbs No Yes Yes Difficult

Titan Off Road Trailers

titan_logo_light copy

Titan.TAPThe TITAN Off Road Trailer  was designed with 3-D CAD and modern production methods.   Components are CNC Laser cut, CNC formed and fully welded. Our trailers are 50 State DOT (Department of Transportation) compliant.  We are a member of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM). “We build every trailer to DOT standards.  All of our trailers follow all vehicle manufacturing guidelines.  “The TITAN ORT” is a fully functioning, heavy-duty, and load-carrying trailer, capable of carrying 2,500 pounds or securing your expedition gear.  Options include: portable grills, bed liners, water and power systems, propane mounts, mounts for bikes, gear, spare tire, recovery tools etc., extendable toungue mounts, different bolt patters for the wheels, and a variety of storage features.  www.titanort.com.

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
 Tital M416 Utility  $6,995.00 Not stated No Yes Yes Difficult

Ruger Trailers


Made in the USA with American steel, ingenuity, labor, and pride. 

Ruger Trailers, Denver, Colorado’s first choice for rugged, durable, off -road trailers. With a variety of options, a Ruger off-road trailer will enhance your outdoor and camping experience.  www.rugertrailers.com.

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
 5′  M416 Utility $4,295.00 790lbs No  Yes  Yes Difficult
6′ M416 Utility $4,995.00 950lbs No   Yes  Yes Difficult

header_adrenaline Adrenalin Campers


adrenaline_TAPWe utilize aerospace technology and stainless folded aluminum to create a durable and lightweight off-road camper trailer. All campers are water and dust proof and so lightweight that they can be hauled behind anything from a small car to a full-size SUV. In addition, the independent air ride suspension ensures a smooth ride through the most rugged terrains, and the hardtop can carry ATV’s, Bikes and Kayaks.  www.adrenalincampers.com.

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
 Blaze  Box Frame/Expo $20,000 1,460lbs Yes  Yes  Trailer Tent Moderate

 Crawlorado Offroad Trailers


dsc_0820Our trailers are built to the highest standards. Off-road reliability is our primary concern. They are assembled with heavy-duty box steel frames and will withstand even the most extreme trails. Several items are standard on all trailers. Competing manufacturers will quote lower prices to lure you in, only to drastically increase the price after adding a long list of options.  We are not interested in manufacturing cheap cargo trailers. We build a high quality product designed for extreme off-road use that allows you to have the camping conveniences usually restricted to the campgrounds.  www.crawloradooffroad.com.

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
 Custom Box Frame/Expo  $9,200.oo 1490lbs Yes Yes Yes Difficult

Highland Expedition Outfitters

HEO_Origin (1) 

The All Aluminum, All Terrain, T Series Highland Expedition Outfitters Roof Top Tent and Trailer Tent Camper Trailers. Outfit yourself with the finest all terrain roof top tent, overland trailer available. Manufactured entirely of mig welded 6061 aluminum, that allows you to trek into the wilderness with this light weight camping trailer. The Highland Expedition Outfitters T Series features a 45 to 57 cubic foot tub constructed of durable 3mm ACM and aluminum studs which gives you plenty of room to store and transport all your camping gear to remote camping destinations. Weighing in at only 550 to 700 pounds, nearly any vehicle can tow The Highland Expedition Outfitters (HEO) T Series RTT camper. Total access can be gained to your gear via the tailgate and hinged top. Sitting atop the trailer is the high quality CVT Roof Top Tent.  Boasting large 30 x 9.5 R15 Big Horn tires and a 3000 pound Rockwell American Equalizer Torsion Axle with 3500 pound spindles, the HEO T Series RTT camper gives you a full 16 inches of ground clearance; enough to tackle the most difficult of trails. The standard Lock-n-Roll 3 Axis Off Road Coupler allows full mobility on the roughest of terrain. New for 2016, weighing in at only 1000 pounds is HEO’s T5 – built as rugged as the other T Series units. The T5 has a Trailer Tent that has 220 square feet of space under roof and 2 sliding cargo trays. An optional solar package will allow you to have off-grid electricity.  www.heoutfitters.com.

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
T3 M416 Utility $6995.00 550lbs No  Yes Included  Moderate+
T4 M416 Utility $7,995.00 700lbs No  Yes Included Moderate+
 T5 Box Frame Expo $12,995.00  1000lbs  No  Yes Included Moderate+

Jackwagon off Road Trailers


jackwagon_TAPThese trailers are hand-made with pride right here in the United States.  We are  located in the beautiful town of Prescott, Arizona.  We want to build you a high-quality trailer that will keep all of your gear dry and out of the dust and mud, and help you to carry everything you need to be comfortable. Whether you are camping, over-landing, hunting, or just out on a weekend adventure, these trailers will follow you anywhere you want to go. www.jackwagonoffroad.com.

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
The Basecamp M416 Utility $6,500.00 950lbs  No  No  Yes Difficult

Oregon Trail’r



TerraDrop is our offering for those of you with off-road tendencies.  It has adventure in it’s DNA. TerraDrop is styled to fit in perfectly with both modern and classic off-road capable vehicles. TerraDrop can be configured from mild to wild, so it can be made to suite your needs and budget. www.oregontrailer.net.

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
TerraDrop Teardrop $13,500.00 1200lbs No  Yes  Yes Moderate

 Campa Trailers  


Live the adventure- Campa owner, Chris was born and raised in rural South Africa, where his interest and passion in all things 4WD started at a very early age. His personal expedition travel experience, military service, manufacturing background and academic qualifications, which include degrees from the University of Natal and Cornell University, enabled him to design and build unparalleled expedition products. As a necessary part of continuously improving Campa’s product line, Chris travels as much as possible, thoroughly testing and pushing the expedition products Campa builds. His goal is to always find ways to improve the quality and durability of the products that Campa is already known for.  Anne Pence was born and raised in Germany and is a founding member of Campa and VP of the company. Her 25 yr. manufacturing background continues to be imperative to implementing Campa’s manufacturing processes. She has a passion for motorcycle travel with her dog Maya, loves the outdoors, camping and adventure.  Anne has traveled all over the US, Europe, Central America, South Africa and New Zealand.  www.campausa.com.

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
ATT   Box Frame/Expo $17,000.00   1900 lbs  Yes  Yes Yes Moderate
CUB M416 utility   $8,900.00 1500 lbs  No  Yes Yes Difficult

 RBX RockBox

RBX RockBox Offroad Adventure Trailers is a family operated business located in the Salinas Valley. Our passion for the outdoors has led us down this path to bring you a quality built off-road trailer, keeping it simple  with strength and durability, as ouroff road trailermain focus is to get you where you want to go. We welcome you to the Rockbox family and look forward to helping you get your adventure started! At RBX RockBox Offroad Adventure Trailers, we strive to build quality trailers to fit your specific needs and especially your budget! Our RBX Series trailers are built with durability and performance in mind. Using 14g steel for the box, 3/16 steel frame rails, 3k rated axles in 5 or 6 lug patterns, stainless tanks and accessory boxes, and 12v systems. A RTT’s of your choice can also be ordered and mounted to our lids. We can custom build a particular idea you may have or upgrade a current trailer you drag in needing some TLC… the possibilities are endless…well almost.  www.rockboxoffroad.com.

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
RBX Series   M416 Utilty $4,800.00 Not Stated No  Yes Yes Difficult

 Dinoot Trailers


We take a different approach to equipping folks for Trailer Supported Adventuring. Our focus is supporting those that want to “create” something with their own two hands. Those interested in a lightweight, durable, small footprint camping trailer. We support home builders with everything necessary for a successful project; including build components, guides, online information, phone support, a Dinoot Trailersforum and everything in between.   Our trailers start as fiberglass tub kits available in two models; the J-Series  and M-Series. The J-Series has distinct Jeep styling cues and is available in two sizes. The M-series has classic M416 military trailer styling and is easily shortened for custom length tubs.  They are build-able as Tent Topped Campers or Gear Haulers, and as heavy or light duty as your needs dictate. This makes them equally at home in the backcountry behind your 4WD adventure vehicle, or a Subaru™ on a trip to grandmas.  So when you are thinking DIY Trailer Supported Adventuring and building the camping trailer of your dreams, think Dinoot Trailers!  www.dinoot.com.

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
J-Series M416 Utilty $790.00  375lbs No Yes  Yes  Difficult
M-Series M416Utilty $785.00 375lbs No  Yes Yes Difficult

 Off Road Trailerz by New Image

logo-2 TAP

Off-road trailerz TAPThe problem with Jeeps and other similar Off Road Vehicles is that they have no space to pack a family of 4 and all of the supplies for a full weekend of fun. We looked at the competition and they build a really cool rolling tent trailer but it doesn’t have any other use. What if you needed to bring an ATV to the party…what to do? Get a Weekender Trailer by New Image. Get there and have all of the comforts of home at Baja, on the Rubicon or any of your favorite Playgrounds.  Here at New Image, every trailer is custom made to your specifications. We don’t have a set size. We can build the trailers from a 3.5×4  Trail trailer to a 5×10 trailer to haul your ATV and all of your camp equipment for the whole family.  What you want and need, we can build either open or enclosed. It’s your choice. We’ll fulfill your needs and wants. We also have the Weekender Plus series trailer, which combines convenience of an enclosed trailer and the clearance of an off-road trailer, thus giving you a complete base camp trailer. More than a Tear Drop trailer can offer. Use it during the week as a work trailer, and on the weekend fill it up and go out to camp with the security of a hard side trailer that will not blow over in the wind, get soaked in the rain and your wife will approve not sleeping on the ground. All of our trailers are” Trail Tested and Wife Approved” !  www.offroadtrailerz.com.

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
Off Road Base  Custom Built $3,495.00 850lbs No  Yes  Yes Difficult
Weekender Custom enclosed $4,995.00 950lbs No  Yes  Yes Moderate

 Moby1 Teardrop Trailers

moby1_teardrop_trailermoby-logo-light (1)

Camp, Tour, Explorea teardrop trailer is a small camping trailer platform that is not only light weight but also offers the ability to have a real mattress for comfort in the protection of a hard sided trailer. The convenience of a built in open air galley allows you to connect and be at one with nature. What makes a Moby 1 different?  A design with more ergonomic, functional, more comfortable and usable space.  It may not be the cute airfoil aerodynamic design of a traditional teardrop but the functionality trade offs are the big gain.  More usable storage cabinetry built in, which also adds strength to the trailer body.   Many options are available to make your trailer suit your lifestyle.  Whether you like a simple get away to a nearby campground, load it with hardcore adventure gear, or somewhere in between.  www.moby1trailers.com.

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
XTR  Teardrop $18,500.00 1,800lbs No Yes Yes  Difficult
XC Teardrop $14,500.oo 1,200lbs No Yes Yes  Moderate
XTR-S Teardrop  $8,000.00 1,000lbs No  Yes Yes  Difficult
 XC-S Teardrop $8,000.00 1,000lbs  No  Yes Yes  Difficult

  Little Guy Teardrop Camper/Trailers   

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.46.29 AM

Beef Up the 5 Wide Little Guy for the ultimate off road experience: The Rough Rider features electric brakes, a custom made chassis, pintle hook and skid-plates. For that extra bit of performance,

Little-Guy-SLNEWwe outfit it with knobby 15″ mud tires and squared off fenders. This truly is a first in the recreational vehicle industry: a camper that can be taken off-road, just about anywhere that your 4-wheel drive can go.  www.golittleguy.com.

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
 5 Wide Rough Rider Teardrop  $11,140.00  1400lbs No Yes Yes moderate
6 Wide Rough Rider Teardrop  $$12,091.00  1475lbs No  Yes Yes moderate

 Latitude Campers


At Latitude Camper Trailers we design and build quality made soft top Camper Trailers. Our fold out, rugged, off-road trailers are ideal for all outdoor enthusiasts.  Our Everest I trailer is designed for comfort, ease, and has plenty of space for gear so you can enjoy great adventures. Our focus at Latitude is to deliver high quality products at affordable prices. We look forward to seeing you drive away with this great camper. As we love the great outdoors, we love the freedom that a camper trailer can give you. We live in one of the luckiest countries, with the best backyard, and we want more families to be able to experience and enjoy the “real” outdoors.  www.latitudecampers.com.

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
Everest 1 Camper Trailer $14,699.00  1950lbs Yes Yes Trailer Tent Moderate

  Bear Trailersports



tg_008When tough needs to be tougher, the Trailgater off-road trailer fits the bill.  Through many years of research and development the Trailgater was designed to be  a lightweight versatile off road – trailer. For the serious hunter, this is a must- have hunting trailer. Bear Trailersports Inc., a dealer of Trailgater, is proud to offer this Trailgater as it is or have us customize it to your specifications and requirements. The Trailgater is designed for many uses including farming, hunting, off-roading, fishing and four wheeling. It is a tough, durable multi-purpose trailer. www.beartrailersports.com.

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
Trailgater Box Frame  varies 800 lbs No  Yes Yes Difficult




Smittybilt thought of everything with their new RECON Trailer. Starting with a fully boxed and powder coated steel frame, the RECON boasts a payload of 1763 pounds that allows you to carry enough gear for even your biggest adventures. Two-inch receivers are found at each end of the trailer that allow the use of articulating hitches and the addition of hitch-mounted accessories, and three off-road jacks make the RECON easy to unhook and balance. Independent, self-charging trailer brakes provide the ultimate security in the event of trailer detachment and meet trailer brake laws in all 50 states. smittybilt-off-road-trailer-tentThe leaf sprung suspension and solid axle are both simple and reliable.
The 14-gauge powder coated tub has a large main compartment and two side cabinets mean that you will never run out of space again. The side cabinets make a perfect spot to fit your generator and a camp kitchen, with easy access and locking t-handles. A 15 gallon fresh water tank spans between the removable steel fenders and an aluminum tongue box is perfect for deep cycle batteries and electrical systems. Below the instant-up tent, the main cabinet of the RECON houses dual sliding floors with four tie down points per slider and dual locking T-handles. Top rack system allows for even further mounting of rack systems to carry your kayaks, bicycles, or whatever toys you want bring along on your next backcountry journey. www.smittybilt.com

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
Recon Box frame/Expo $4,999.00  1543 lbs No  Yes Yes  moderate

Hiker Trailer

HIKER TRAILER Finial Orange Fire Small copy

hitent Hiker Trailer builds lightweight, affordable trailers to help people experience the outdoors in a comfortable and economic way. We keep it simple, focusing on quality, and only the added amenities our individual customers need for their outdoor adventures.  Our Off-Road Delux model includes and all aluminum exterior, Jeep lug pattern, 33″ Tires, 17″ steel black wheels, a 3500 lb axle, 2 rear dropdown jacks, front jacks, a black front storage box, 2×3 off-road steel frame, LED surface mount lights, and more. You can contact us at 303-906-0224 in Denver, CO or 317-509-5427 in Noblesville, IN.  www.hikertrailer.net

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
5×8 Off-Road Delux Teardrop  $8,595.00  1250 lbs No Yes Yes Moderate/Difficult

Blue Ridge Expedition Trailers




Make Camping Great!   When you think of camping off-road, think about the BRX1 from Blue Ridge Expedition Trailers. Founded in 2016, our company is focused exclusively on building the best expedition teardrops at an exceptional value. Each BRX1 is built by hand in North Carolina and is backed by a one year manufacturer warranty.
The BRX1 features a welded steel frame construction, a 3500lb Timbren Axel-less suspension, 18” wheels, up to 20”of ground clearance, maple cabinetry, gearbox, electric brakes, spacious cabin, a queen memory foam mattress, cooking galley, all LED lighting, accessory hitch receiver and many other standard features.
Optional equipment includes an XL gearbox with generator slide-outs, AC & heat, a 26 gallon water tank with hot shower and bar sink, solar charging, cooktops, refrigerators, a roof-rack, swing-out spare tire carrier, awning and roof top tent options.  www.brxtrailers.com

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
BRX1 Teardrop  $15,900.00  1950 lb. yes Yes Yes Moderate to Extreme


Why should you consider purchasing a Conqueror off-road Camping trailer?   Conqueror off-road Camping trailers have been safari and outback tested for over 25 years in the harsh and unforgiving environments of Africa and Australia.  What other trailer in the US market can boast of this proven pedigree?
How would it be for you to be able to go camping anywhere you want? The untouched, pristine campsite on the other side of the river or just over the next mountain are now within reach with a Conqueror off-road Camping trailer. Anywhere your vehicle can go, your conqueror trailer will effortlessly follow. Modern day conveniences coupled with a proven track record of surviving the harsh African and Australian environments qualify the Conqueror trailer to be your (UEV) UrbanEscape Vehicle. www.conqueror4x4usa.com

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
UEV-490 Extreme Caravan  $42,650.00  3200 lbs yes Yes N/A Extreme
UEV-440 Extreme Caravan $38,750.00 2755 lbs yes  yes  N/A  Extreme
UEV-390 Extreme Box Frame/Expo $27,750.00 1875 lbs  yes  yes  Yes  Extreme
UEV-310 Extreme Box Frame/Expo  $17,820.00  1080 lbs yes Yes Yes Extreme

Off Grid Trailers

Let Off grid trailers take your adventures to the next level!   Why confine yourself to the norm while camping?  Break free from pavement and the crowds and explore off the beaten path. Some of the standard features we offer are stock 33′ tires and a fully insulated cabin, but don’t think thats it!  We can add heat, hot water, a shower attachment, sink, stove and so much more…  Each trailer is built by me, and inspired by you!  Its my mission not just to you, but myself to keep pushing for a better product, if you have an idea that you think would be cool in your build, I am always willing to see if it’s possible. Mark Bagerow: Owner Off Grid Trailers www.offgridtrailers.ca

Model Type Base Price Weight Kitchen Standard Options RTT Compatible Terrain Capability
Pando Teardrop  $16,000.00  2150 lbs No Yes Yes Moderate
Overlander Box frame/Expo $16,000.00 1800 lbs No Yes Yes Terrain Capability
Expedition Box frame/Expo  $15,900.00  1650 lb. No Yes Yes Moderate to Extreme

 Check out our Off-Road Trailer Buyers Guide Spring 2016 Spec Sheet . Now that you’ve decided which trailer is for you, maybe you’re considering a Roof Top Tent?  If so, check out our

2016 Roof Top Tent Buyers Guide


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