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Off Grid Trailers

This article comes from an interview I did with the owner of Off Grid Trailers, Mark Badgerow. Check it out and TAP into Adventure!

I am the owner of a small trailer company here in Red Deer, Alberta called Off Grid Trailers. I got into building trailers for others by basically building for myself. Every trailer I built, attracted people who wanted to buy them from me. So, I sold them and built new ones that were better. I ended up selling seven trailers in about two and a half years. This led me into going in to business full-time, and I can honestly say that this is my dream job!

I do it all, the design, sales, and the fabrication of each trailer. All my trailers are custom-built to suit each of Off Grid’s customer’s needs. From the interior cabinet design and color of the interior walls, to the exterior wrap; the customer chooses everything they want. I come from a fabrication background and have 15 years under my belt. I used to own a company that made parts for Jeeps; bumpers, rock sliders etc. I sold that company, designed and built my first off- road trailer for my family camping trips and that’s when it all started.

Cabinet configurations are custom designed


Another custom cabinet design.

These days I am moving away from wood due to the weight and the fact that it is not necessarily weather proof. Wood can be a moisture trap regardless of how well sealed it is. It’s also HEAVY. Aluminum is lighter and more durable. The model below is called The Overlander.  It is 5 feet tall (A request from a customer.) as opposed to the normal 4 foot height. With a roof top tent it weighs in at  2,002 lbs.


The Overlander

This one features a built-in fridge, stove and sink.

off grid trailers_The_Adventure_Portal_kitchenshot

Here is the bottom line of what we do:
Off Grid trailers design off-road teardrops that stand up to all types of terrain and weather. Our trailer’s cabins sit on a full carbon steel frame with the option of aluminum. The cabin is constructed out of aluminum with 1.5 in. thick foam insulated walls and floors to keep you cool on those hot days and warm on cooler days.

Off grid trailers interior the adventure portal

The Pando, pictured above, comes in at 2,300 lbs. with a rooftop tent, both front storage bins, fridge, sink, stove and furnace.

Both the Pando and the Overlander have a queen size sleeping interior. Suspension, I leave up to Timbren. With two independent Timbren 3500lb axles, a  4″ lift, and 33″ tires, our teardrop trailers provide an uninterrupted ground clearance of 22 inches and a very smooth ride.


The underside is completely shielded and aluminum fenders/brush guards protect them from rugged terrain. The optional removable 360 degree max coupler hitch allows for maximum swivel/articulation capability.


The underside is completely shielded and aluminum fenders/brush guards protect it from rugged terrain.

TAP_off road_5

I think what separates us the most from our competitors is that fact that we are truly, fully insulated by using 1.5 in. of spray foam, making sure that our cabins are completely sealed and insulated against both hot and cold weather.


Then there is the way our external walls are constructed. Because we live in grizzly country, I’ve designed the exterior walls to be bear proof. Also, the roof is made 1/8 aluminum which supports up to 250 lbs., no problem. I thoroughly enjoy custom building trailers. They are National Trailer Safety marked by Canadian and US safety standards and I have customers both in Canada and the United States.

off grid trailer_1_TAP

Standard Features:
-60×80 sleeping area
-Fantastic fan with ceiling controls
-2 interior LED lights
-Exterior porch lights on either side of cabin
-1 interior USB plug in charger
-1.5 inch fully insulated walls
-228″x 36″ locking doors
-2 rear galley LED lights
-Solid Birch cabinets with shaker doors and maple hardwood drawer faces
-Fully boxed frame constructed of 1/8th in. steel, sand blasted and coated with Endura paint
-Timren Heavy Duty independent suspension with 4″ built-in lift33x12.5×17 ProComp wheels
-2 x 5,000 lb. shackles
-2″built-in receiver hitch
-2 rear leveling jacks
-Front 36″ x 48″ storage box
-Tongue box
-Exterior mounted hot water heater with shower attachments
-SMEV sink and stove
-24 gallon fresh water tank
-Samlex built in inverter
-Bluetooth AM/FM radio and speakers
-Boss Audio
-Roof rack
-Smittybilt rooftop tent
-52qt fridge/freezer combo
-9000 BTU furnace
-Portable solar panels
-spare tire carrier

You can contact us at: or call 1-587-224-9768

Check out Off Grid Trailers
and TAP into Adventure!

Editor-Lori Palmer
Author-Mark Badgerow

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