Buttermilk Country Loop Trail


Buttermilk Country loop trail

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GPS  N 37.365  W-118.5227
Elevation  5,500-9,172 ft.
Season  Best: May-Oct. Hot in summer
Terrain  Dirt, smooth to gravel, narrow to rocky two-tracks
Difficulty  Easy/Challenging side trips on marked forest roads
Required Vehicle Stock  4×4 with high clearance.
Time  Three to four hours for the loop
Length approximately 16 miles

Directions:  From Highway 395 in Bishop, head west on Hwy 168 (West Line Street).  After 7.3 miles, turn right on Buttermilk Road 07S01.

Buttermilk loop trail Looking nw into wilderness area

Looking NW into wilderness area

Site Location and Description: The Buttermilk Country Loop trail  is situated below the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains.  The trail is composed of a loop with several legal side roads to explore both on foot and in your 4WD vehicle. There are also a variety of primitive camp sites on the marked national forest side roads.

Shaded camp spot before burn area buttermilk country loop trail

Shaded camp spot

Buttermilk Country Loop trail crosses into the famous John Muir Wilderness area that extends along the crest of the California Sierra Nevadas  for 90 miles, in the Inyo and Sierra National Forests. The loop is approximately 16 miles long and runs through terrain which varies from desert boulder strewn geography to pine forest glades. Along the first four miles, you may encounter other vehicles as this is a popular bouldering destination.  There are a couple of stream crossings that are mellow in the summer, but have the potential of being considerably deeper during rains or with spring run-off. The side roads should be explored as they are picturesque and some provide stunning views down into the valley.  A TAP recommended trail.

buttermilk country loop trail McGee Creek crossing

McGee Creek crossing

Road Conditions:  Inyo National Forest, White Mountains R.D.: Call-  760-873-2500

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  • Southern end pipeline buttermilk country loop
    Southern end pipeline
  • Southern burn area buttermilk county loop
    Southern burn area
  • Primitive camp spot at Wilderness boundary area
    Primitive camp spot at Wilderness boundary area
  • SE pointing overlook from Wilderness boundary area buttermilk county loop
    SE pointing overlook from Wilderness boundary area
  • Pine forest area buttermilk country loop
    Pine forest area
  • Bouldering.area buttermilk country loop
    Bouldering area